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Do and Don’t- Type -2 diabetes

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

diabetes management

Type-2 diabetes is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder. This means that a poor dietary habits and lifestyle can lean to type -2 diabetes: this also means that to reverse the condition your #lifestyle and food habits play an important role.

1. Be Active- if you have Type- 2 diabetes and your blood sugar keeps fluctuating and don’t seem to be in control, make and effort to be more active. This means to at least invest in an-hour of exercise and take small efforts through out the day like get up and open the door when the bell rings etc. and do not lead sedentary lifestyle.

2. Include high fibre food regularly in your diet like spinach, sprouts, broccoli, green leafy vegetables it keep you full for longer and even keep your sugar level stable.

3. Do not keep long gaps between the meals. The more gap you keep between the meals the more you end up eating in the next meals because you are hungry. The more you eat, the more your sugar levels fluctuates.

4. A diabetic can safely have 1-2 fruits per day. But having too many fruits or fruit juices together or snacking on a huge fruit platter is what going to bother the sugar levels. Opt for fruits with less sugar content- like apple, papaya, oranges, berries, guava, cherries, plums, peaches etc.

5. Have a good amount of water through out the day and use low fat – dairy versions of milk, yogurt and cheese as the rich in calcium, proteins and minerals.

6. Chronic stresses and less sleep are an obviously among the Don’ts of diabetes. Most of our hormonal balance occurs while we sleep and most our hormonal imbalance occurs when we are chronically stressed. And insulin is nothing but a hormone. So, managing both stress and good sleep is important to heal diabetes.

Only a few changes in your dietary habits can help you stay healthy and fight diabetes. All you need is a smart NUTRITION plan and a little discipline to stick with that plan. Try incorporating these dos and don’ts in your daily life and experience the change yourself.

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