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About Vallari



Digestive wellness

Food Allergies/ Intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

My Story:

It is not easy growing up in a society where “the thinner you are the more powerful or beautiful you are”. Being a woman in the most beauty-obsessed world is challenging. The pressure to conform to an impossible standard of beauty was, and is, incredible.

Very early in life I started hearing about dieting, avoiding different food groups and eliminating what I though were “fattening foods” at that time. I tried every diet on the planet and every trick on the books. Even if I was thin I was not healthy that’s what I kept feeling. I had very negative thoughts towards my body and became my biggest obstacle in achieving what I considered then a “perfect” body.

Even after completing my bachelor’s degree of "Applied Nutrition", I was still battling my body and my body was battling me. Post my Food & Nutrition Graduation, I pursed my Diploma in "Cosmetology" ---  as understood the

beauty & wellbeing go hand –in-hand with inner and outer self.

Later, I went to Harvard university (USA) to sharpen my skill and upgrade my knowledge.

It was not until I stopped obsessing about perfect figure and focused on my wellbeing that I understood what worked for me. Ever since that moment, I developed a true passion for nutrition and became infatuated with my career. Moreover, my desire to influence other people in taking greater responsibility on their own health and happiness through their nutritional habits was born.

My philosophy in nutrition is quite simple. I don’t believe in good or bad foods, just in foods that are better for you than others, and in those that we should consume more of. Honestly, I believe that all foods can fit into a well balanced diet. It is just learning about that balance that is most important. Deprivation is not part of my vocabulary.

I do not believe in diets, but rather feel very strongly about making small

lifestyle changes in your daily routine that will ultimately lead to long lasting success.

After working in the clinical environment for couple of years and studying patients actions and reactions, I realised people’s bodies; metabolism and

habits are different in many ways. Because nutrition is such a competitive science, I keep researching and learning everyday.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught me “the one-size-fits all dietary approach simply doesn’t work”.

Knowing this inspired me to created  “Kaasha” – newborn you".

My mission is to assist and teach people proper nutrition suited for their lives

so they can conduct a successful and healthy lifestyle and never diet again. 

The combination of the practical, professional, and personal skills I have

attained while pursuing my career has placed me at a strategic point with enough abilities to help people with their nutritional concerns.


I believe that I’m a better nutritionist and health & wellness coach because I’ve

been in the shoes of most of my patients and I can truly relate with their battle.

I want my patients to be comfortable with them again, no matter what their environment is. I want women & men to have confidence & pride in them, no matter what their body type is. I want my patients to embrace their bodies and learn to love the reflection they see every morning.

You can’t motivate people. The best you can hope for is to inspire them with

your actions. I want to inspire people to become the best, most healthy version they can be.

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