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Fitness Food On Budget


Being in the position of wanting to eat & make progress in the gym, but if you are in the mind-set that it was too expensive and you cannot afford it. But you can eat quality foods and easily get enough #nutrition with out breaking the bank.

Eating for muscle gain doesn't have to be expensive. Just keep your grocery list simple, stock up on the good stuff.

Below are few things that you can keep in mind and get some gains:

1. Fruits & Vegetables:

Buy in season. Although most fresh fruit and vegetables are available year-round, some are less expensive when they are in season. Also keep in mind that all forms of fruits and vegetables are nutritious, so frozen or canned are Ok too!!

2. Do Not shop when you are hungry. You may be tempted to buy things which are not even on your list or you don't need it.

3.Make your own nut butter & nut milk :

It's no secret that nut butter and nut milks are hella-expensive. Especially if you go through it as fast as we do. Save some of your cold hard cash by making your own nut butter and nut milk at home; this way you definitely know they are organic and cost saving too.

4. Buy Local:

Consider buying fruits and vegetables from local markets. When you buy local, in-season foods are generally cheaper and travel costs are minimised. And if you find a really great deal - buy extra and freeze it!

5. Stay Organised:

When your fridge, freezer and pantry are well organised you are less likely to buy products you do not require. Make a list to keep checking the products in stock.

6. Protein shakes:

Pre- workout meals/ shakes and #protein powders are generally the most expensive part of the fitness journey if you are including them in your diet. But there are a lot of options that we can include as in expensive snack- like banana or dates or beet root juice depending on your goal and your daily diet.

Home made protein shakes are organic - safe and can we as healthy as the synthetic protein shakes/bars.

An example of Home-made Protein shake recipe is below:



2/3 cup greek yogurt

2/3 cup fresh/frozen berries

2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup almonds, divided

1tsp. honey (optional)

2tbsp chia seeds


In a blender add all of the ingredients, reserving a few of the almonds. Blend until smooth and all ingredients are incorporated. Chop the reserved almonds to stir in if desired. Pour and enjoy.

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