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What's For Dinner??!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

There is much importance placed on mealtimes and the portion size of those meals; breakfast with its ability to kick-start the day and lunch as an opportunity to take a break to re-fuel and re-focus the mind. So what about dinner? Well, just as important, dinner has a number of essential functions on our body and mind.

Caesar salad with Feta cheese

Fuel for the body

Since it’s the last meal of the day it’s important to make the right choices because you won’t eat again for at least another 8 hours or so. Ensuring that there is a steady supply of glucose for the body to use as fuel for essential processes whilst we sleep is critical.

A common cause of waking in the night, often seen in insomnia, is when levels of sugar in the blood fall. The body then has to release stored glucose and this action can cause you to wake and sometimes it may be difficult to get back to sleep.

To counteract this, it's essential to eat a good dinner, which combines both protein and carbohydrates, which will ensure a steady release of glucose to the blood stream - helping to prevent disturbed sleep.Skipping carbohydrates during dinner time is never a good idea.

Food that makes you sleep well

As well as eating to balance blood sugars, we also need to eat correctly to get the right amino acids. Part of the building blocks of the body, they also work as neurotransmitters, transporting messages around the nervous system, and they play an essential role in promoting well-being and mood.

Serotonin is such an example. Deficiency of serotonin associated with mood disturbance; sleep problems and aggressive and compulsive behaviour. We get serotonin after it has been converted in the body from eating foods, which contain the amino acid tryptophan. It's worth remembering that tryptophan is carried into the brain via carbohydrate - another reason to have your protein and carbs dinner.

Few of the dinner options that you can try

1. Baked tofu with quinoa and chick peas and spinach

2. Thai curry with tofu and rice

3. Black bean and veggies quesadillas

4. Panner bhurji Roll with veggies

5. Moong dal Vegetable khichadi + Curd

Let us know in comments below what would be your favourite dinner option.

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